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Hebei Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd of MCC Group.(shortfor MCCEM)is a solely state—owned subsidiary of China Metallurgical GroupCorporation,which is among top 5 00 enterprises in the world.MCCEM,put into operation since 1 978,has 1 0 plants for metal construction,machining,mechanical assembling and electrical assembling etc., over 400 modem technical equipments for mechanical engineering and over 700 employees.

Since 1983,the company has developed over 20 large/medium amusement equipments. In 1995,it developed the first home—made large roller coaster.In 1 997, it gained the first roller coaster production permit in China.The company has produced more than 100 large/medium roller coasters.Before then,all large/medium roller coasters in China were imported from foreign countries.The production,sales and export of large/medium roller coasters from the company are much more than those from Chinese competitors.The company developed“special roller coaster’’for defense industry for use in inertial navigation system.The“special roller coaster’’is an innovative high technology in China for inertial navigation experiments such as simulation aircrafts.

The main products of the company include mid-3-loop,3-loop,4-loop, suspended roller coasters;special roller coasters;8 8-meter,1 1 8-meter Ferris wheels, and mine cars etc. The first 1 l-loop roller coaster in the world will be developed soon.

The company plans to found a large amusement equipment research institute which is dedicated to design and development of high—end,state—of-the—art large amusement equipments in order to make contribution to advancement of amusement industry.

Si Jianping,the executive director and general manger, together with all management and employees are expecting extensive cooperation with people from a11 walks 0flife!
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